The Elephant Who Texted for Help
The Zebras Migrating Once More
The Hyenas and the Trophy Kills
How Baboons Move as One
The Apes Observed from Above
The Jaguars Taking Selfies
The Mountain Lions Trapped by Roads
The Fishers Sneaking Through Suburbia
The Wolf Who Traversed the Alps
The Elk of Greater Yellowstone
The Pheasants Who Walk the Himalaya
The Pythons in the Everglades
The Ants That Change Jobs

The Whales We Watch on Facebook
The Humpbacks Seeking Seamounts
The Turtle Who Swam against the Current
Sharks, Turtles and the Landscape of Fear
The Sharks Pardoned by Data
The Seals Who Map the Southern Ocean
The Otters Reclaiming Their Range
The Crocodiles Best Left Alone
The Plankton That Flee the Light

Birdwatching Through a Wider Lens
The Terns’ World Record
The Penguins Seen from Space
The Albatrosses Circling Antarctica
The Geese of the Himalaya
The Gulls Who Crave Crisps
The Vultures Spiraling Overhead
The Owls of the Frozen Lakes
The Storks with Unhealthy Tastes
The Fruit Bats with Plenty of Juice
The Birds Who ‘Never See Sunlight’
The Warblers Who Dodged Tornadoes
How Songbirds Flock Together
The Bees in Back Gardens

Where the Humans Go