Praise for Where the Animals Go

WINNER: London Book Fair Innovation in Travel Publishing Award
(Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2016)

‘This book is beautiful as well as informative and inspiring. There is no doubt it will help in our fight to save wildlife and wild habitats’  Jane Goodall

‘Beautiful and thrilling … a joy to study cover to cover’  E. O. Wilson

‘Totally fantastic … full of odd gems and solid evidence and beautiful too’  Chris Packham

‘Enthralling … the maps are exquisite’  British Trust for Ornithology

‘[Cheshire and Uberti] have dipped into this deluge of data to create 50 beautiful and engaging maps that reveal the wanderings of animals.’  National Geographic

‘A stunning translation of movement onto paper’  Scientific American

‘Enchanting and exhilarating … Where the Animals Go is an eye-opening exercise in perspective that puts place and space at the heart of the 21st-century conservation debate’  Literary Review

‘Each story is a striking example of how innovative technology can be used to increase our understanding of the natural world’  Financial Times

‘Incredible’  The Big Issue

‘This is a special kind of detective story. After millennia of using footprints, faeces, feathers, broken foliage and nests to track animals, the process is now so teched up you need to read this book to find out the how, what and why’  New Scientist

…an unstoppable book that will please anyone with an interest in the natural world’  Geographical


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‘Where the Animals Go’  
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‘Editor’s Choice’   BBC Focus Magazine (Dec. 2016)
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‘The Perfect Christmas Present for the Wildlife Enthusiast’   Irish Examiner (Dec. 2016)
‘Great Christmas Books’  New Scientist (Nov. 2016)
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‘Bird’s-Eye Viewing’   Literary Review (Nov. 2016)


‘Where the Wild Things Go’  Nautilus (Aug. 2017)
‘Tiny QR codes were stuck to the backs of ants in the name of data science’  WIRED UK Online (Dec. 2016)
‘Fascinating ‘maps’ reveal the secret journeys made by animals, from ants to elephants’  WIRED UK Online (Dec. 2016)
‘Ants on a Career Path’  WIRED UK (Dec. 2016)
‘Where the Wild Things Are’  Engineering & Technology (Dec. 2016)
‘Where the Wild Things Go’  i (29 Nov. 2016)
‘Great Migration’  The Big Issue (21–27 Nov. 2016)
‘Whale in mountain blowouts’  The Sunday Times (6 Nov. 2016)

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Praise for London: The Information Capital

‘You know how you’ve always wanted a coffee-table book that translates lots of complex social data about London into a series of gorgeously illustrated infographics? Well it’s finally arrived…’  Time Out

‘The book is infinitely compelling, one you’ll return to time and again, and full of ‘wow, you have to see this’ moments. It reinforces the notion that information really can be beautiful…’  Londonist

‘Brilliantly compelling…The Information Capital is a tour de force in the modern use of graphics to make a point’   London Evening Standard