As much as Where the Animals Go is about animals, it is also about the people who study them. We are extremely grateful to those who have supported this project. The following individuals and institutions contributed data and/or knowledge to our efforts:

Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
British Antarctic Survey
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Monterey Bay Aquarium
National Geographic
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles
Project SNOWstorm
San Diego Zoo Global
Save The Elephants
Sea Mammal Research Unit
University College London
Wildlife Computers
World Wildlife Fund

Alyson Lloyd
Andrea Flack
Annette Broderick
Arthur Middleton
Bart Kranstauber
Brian Brown
Brendan Godley
Carsten Egevang
Cecelia Azhderian
Chris Wood
Claire Garrigue
Clint Blight
Craig Franklin
Damien Farine
Danielle Mersch
Dave Brinker
David Jacoby
David O’Connor
Dina Dechmann
Dirk Steinke
Emily Shepard
Filipa Samarra
Frank Pope
Gabriele Cozzi
Graeme Hays
Hannah Williams

Hattie Bartlam-Brooks
Henry Streby
Hubert Potočnik
Iain Douglas-Hamilton
Ian Davies
James Sheppard
Jed Long
Jeff Tracey
Jerome Cookson
Josh Kuhn
Julian Fennessy
Kamran Safi
Kim Holland
Lucy Hawkes
Mark Johnson
Martin Wikelski
Mathias Tobler
Megan Owen
Melinda Holland
Michael Nichols
Michael Noonan
Michelle Staedler
Mikael Ekvall
Mike Fay
Mike Fedak
Mirco Musolesi
Neil Hammerschlag

Nuria Varo
Patrick Miller
Paul Hebert
Peter Desmet
Peter Fretwell
René Swift
Richard Phillips
Robin Freeman
Robin Naidoo
Roland Kays
Rory Wilson
Ross Dwyer
Ruben Fijn
Ryan Kastner
Sarah Espinosa
Scott LaPoint
Scott Weidensaul
Serge Wich
Shannon Pittman
Stesha Pasachnik
Steve Kelling
Sujeevan Ratnasingham
Tim Tinker
Urska Demsar
Volker Deecke
Winston Vickers
Yossi Leshem